Meet Authority Productions delivers the highest sound quality possibly.

MAP’s second core service is sound equipment and operation. Sound is an area at most meets that is most neglected. Most believe a couple of loud speakers and an all-in-one amp will work. Add a parent volunteer who has no idea what a rotation sheet is or an athlete that is more interested in posting on twitter, you have a recipe for disaster. Neglect your sound operation and a meet that has all other i’s dotted and t’s crossed will get labeled as a bad event. MAP has solved this problem by providing high-end array sound systems custom designed for the needs of the gymnastics community. Our system allows us to quickly play all of the compulsory and optional music brought in any format as well as play background music all at the touch of a button. Add our professional operators and you now have a solution that turns your bad situation into a great event that everyone remembers and wants to come back to.

Can’t find anyone to talk on the mic or can’t stand hearing the only person that will? MAP’s sound operators are all experienced announcers that are very familiar with march-in procedures, good luck grams, and general announcements. We can easily play any music you want for march-in or you can pick from our vast library. Want custom march-in music? We can even do that as well.

Do you have multiple floors going at the same time and worried about crossover music? MAP is experienced with this problem as well. Utilizing directional monitor speakers on each floor exercise apparatus and interconnecting our array background speakers virtually eliminates crossover sound. Our interconnected system allows the same background music and general announcements to be heard throughout giving your audience a pleasurable experience.

Need PA sound for your awards room? MAP has just what you are looking for with powered loudspeakers and high quality tour grade microphones. We will even announce for you during your awards ceremony (subject to availability).