Meet Authority Productions is your premier scoring provider. Scoring is our core service and what the company was founded on. MAP has scored events from the smallest single session competitions, to huge multiple gym competitions totaling more than 30 sessions in a weekend. Our list of competitions includes some of the largest invitationals in the country to multiple State, Regional, National, and International events. MAP is the exclusive Scoring, Sound, Equipment, and Awards provider for the Shawn Johnson Signature Series.

Meet Authority offers a complete array of scoring software and hardware solutions for your competition. Forget those hand flashers; we have over seven complete sets of scoring systems. With electronic scoring, the need for volunteers is virtually eliminated from the floor of the meet. An 8 session meet requires over 64 volunteers. By utilizing our scoring system, none are required.

Electronic scoring saves time at your event which means dollars saved. A proven precise schedule calculator that Meet Authority developed is based on judges using electronic scoring. Electronic scoring is faster for the judges instead of writing the scores on “stickies”, writing on the scorecard, and handing the score to the flasher, many minutes are saved — minutes roll into hours. Also, since there are no inexperienced personnel sitting at the judge‘s table, the judge is not distracted with questions from the volunteer. The total time saved can enable you to add another session which means more gymnasts can enter your meet. However, the main savings are the number of hours the judges are in the gym and a two and a half day meet can possibly be done in two days. Consequently, you save on lodging, food and staffing.

Visitors to your meet will appreciate the professionalism that electronic scoring provides. No more trying to see a hand flashed score from across a large gym, no more wondering if that was their gymnast‘s score. Mainly, the session takes less time and allows them to be in a gym for less time!

MAP brings a lot more to “Scoring” than just digital scoreboards and judges’ keypads. We all understand that when entries start rolling in, the work begins. Organize, Organize, Organize. It does not take long to realize that handling all those entries can be a nightmare for the inexperienced. Communicating with clubs, compiling all the data, keeping track of all the changes becomes a full time job. MAP handles it all. We will create an easy, straightforward entry form that your clients will appreciate. All entries are emailed directly to us and we respond to every club that it has been received. We keep track of exactly where you stand, advise you on potential scheduling problems or the need for addition equipment. MAP has communicated with thousands of coaches and clubs developing a professional relationship and understanding of their needs. When it comes time to calculate the schedule, MAP has you covered. Our vast knowledge of knowing what works and what doesn’t, allows us to quickly and efficiently calculate a schedule that works best for the host, clubs attending, and most importantly financially sound for your event. Allowing MAP to organize your event allows you to do those more important things…like coaching your athletes.

If you want to increase the size of your competition or you simply want to let as many people as possible know you are having a competition, once again MAP has your answer. Let us increase your visibility by selecting our advertising services. Through our direct email marketing, MAP opens the door to thousands of clubs we communicate with at all of our events. We will custom design a professional email flyer for your event and distribute to an area that is most beneficial to your competition. There are many readily available email lists that anyone can download and use. Knowing the clubs and more importantly, knowing the clubs in your area is paramount to keep email flyers out of the junk box that no one will read.

MAP brings a superior level of professionalism to any event!